• Solidus of Irene, Syracuse

    Solidus of Irene, Syracuse

    Por el 26 March, 2017

    Two different solidus of Irene from Syracuse can be found: some present two portraits wearing loros and others one wearing loros and other wearing chlamys.

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  • 1 Crown 1847

    1 crown 1847, Gothic Crown

    Por el 21 March, 2017

    A description of the crown 1847, so-called “Gothic Crown”. Its mintage was reduced to 8000 coins, which were not meant for circulation

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  • Julia Domna Aureus

    Julia Domna Aureus

    Por el 20 March, 2017

    This aureus offers a portrait of Julia Domna, represented as a very intelligent and self-confident woman. There is a representation of Juno in the obverse.

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  • Mark Antony III Legion denarius

    Mark Antony III Legion denarius

    Por el 18 March, 2017

    During his war against Octavian, Mark Antony issued silver denarii in the name of his legions. This “Legion denarius” is on the name of the III Legion.

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  • 8 reales, 1734 Potosi Heart

    8 reales 1734, Potosí Heart

    Por el 15 March, 2017

    Potosi never made gold hearts, so there is no coin superior in value for those interested on Potosi coins or the countless collectors of crown sized coins all around the world. This implies a huge demand for this coin, which guarantees high price; its rarity makes its price very difficult to predict.

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  • Löser of 1 1/2 Thaler William Augustus, Hamburg

    Löser of 1 1/2 Thaler William Augustus, Hamburg

    Por el 12 March, 2017

    This is a Löser of particular perfection. Only five specimens of this coin are known to exist and two of them are kept in museums.

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