1 crown 1847, Gothic Crown

1 crown 1847, Gothic Crown

1 Crown 1847 "Gothic Crown"

Period: 19th Century

Country: England

Ruler: Queen Victoria

Denomination: 1 Crown

Mint: London

Weight: 28.276 g. (nominal weight)

Quality: PF58

Auction house: BAC Numismatics

Date: 22 March 2017

Starting price: 2.200 euros

Historical context

In order to commemorate the Gothic Revival, Great Britain issued a crown in 1847. Its mintage was reduced to 8.000 coins. They were produced in PROOF quality and they were not meant for circulation. Its design is such that most coin collectors consider the so-called Gothic Crown, the most beautiful British coin ever minted. William Wyon was the engraver who portraited Queen Victoria in such a beautiful way.


As the Gothic Crowns were not produced for circulation, most of the specimens were very well preserved. In fact, it is not difficult to find Gothic Crowns in public auctions all around the world graded by NGC or PGCS as PF63 (their hammer price is around 6.000 euros). The facts that most of the specimens are graded by grading companies, and that they can be found on auctions all around the world show how internationally demanded these coins are. However, the coin in the auction is not as good specimen as PF63. Taking into account the hammer price of some coins graded lower than PF60, such as this coin (1600 GBP) and this coin ($3500), I would consider that 2800 – 3500 euros is a reasonable hammer price interval.

Description from the seller


Europäische Münzen und Medaillen, Großbritannien / Vereinigtes Königreich / UK / United Kingdom. 1 Crown 1847, Silber. Gothic Type. SEA-3883. NGC PF-58
Schätzpreis / Estimate: EUR 3200-3800



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