100 Francs Switzerland 1925

100 Francs Switzerland 1925

100 Franc Switzerland 1925

Period: 20th Century

Country: Switzerland

Denomination: 100 Francs

Mint: Berna

Weight: 32,28 g

Quality: MS (FDC)

Auction house: Müenzenonline

Date: 27 April 2017

Starting price: 14.038 euros

Historical context

The Latin Monetary Union was an attempt to unify all European currencies into a single currency that could be used in any member state. The key idea was to define a standard of weight and fine of each value in such a way that a coin from one country would worth the same than a coin from another country (v.g. 20 French francs had the same gold than 20 Spanish pesetas). Here you can find an interesting article about the economic consequences of the Latin Monetary Union.

Switzerland was one of the contractual states that formed the Latin Monetary Union in 1865. However, Switzerland did not mint gold coins following the agreed standard until 1883. Between 1883 and the formal end of the Latin Monetary Union in 1927, Switzerland struck huge quantities of 20-franc coins. But 100 francs were only struck in 1925. These 100-franc coins include the famous Vreneli design. Only 5.000 specimens were minted and 1.200 were later on destroyed by the National Bank of Switzerland.


As other highly-demanded coins from the XXth Century, small details have very big impact on the price of 100 Franc 1925. As an example, we can see that an MS-66 specimen was hammered for 30.000 CHF in 2015 while an MS-63 specimen was hammered for 16.000 CHF in 2016 and another one for 18.000 CHF in 2017. The differences between MS-63 and MS-66 can be obvious for an expert once he sees the coin in his hand, but they are very difficult to grasp in a photo. Hence, when bidding I would consider that its quality is MS-63. Then I would consider myself very lucky if, once the coin is mine, its quality turns out to be higher.

Description from the seller

Schweiz Switzerland Bern. 100 Franken 1925 (Entwurf nach dem Vorbild von Fritz Landry; 900 fein). HELVETIA (ge­ bogt) über “Vreneli”-Kopf l. vor Gebirgslandschaft. Rs: Strahlendes Schweizerkreuz über 100 – FR / 1925 und Alpenrosen/ Enzianzweig; unten B; erhabene Randschrift. Schl. 20. Divo 359. D.T. 291. KM 39. Fr. 502. Winziger Kratzer auf Gesicht 32,28 g. FDC



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