8 reales Segovia 1683

8 reales Segovia 1683

8 reales Segovia 1683 (both sides)

Period: Baroque

Country: Spain

Ruler: Charles II

Denomination: 8 Reales

Mint: Segovia

Quality: AU (SC-)

Auction house: Tauler & Fau

Date: 17 May 2017

Starting price: 3.500 euros

Historical context

Almost all the collectors of Spanish coins would agree if I say that the
coins minted in Segovia are the mot beautiful out of the vast quantity of coins ever minted by the Spanish Empire. 8 reales from Segovia are big silver coins that would attract the attention to anyone who looks at them, even to those who do not collect coins (more about Segovia mint). It is very interesting to see the edges of the coins minted in Segovia. For this reason, I appreciate the second photography provided by this new auction house.

If you see the coat of arms represented on the reverse of the coin, you will notice the Portuguese coat of arms embedded into it. It is somehow surprising because Portugal was recognized by Spain as an independent country in 1668. Nevertheless, Charles II of Spain claimed the throne of Portugal until his death. For this reason, the Portuguese coat of arms was depicted in many of his coins. The last time the Portuguese coat of arms appeared on a Spanish silver coin was on the 8 reales from Segovia 1683. Later on, it was only depicted in a few gold coins from Segovia and Seville.


1683 is a rare date for the 8 reales of Segovia. It is very difficult to find them in such high quality (more about the quality of 8 reales from Segovia). I could only find a good reference price for the coin in the auction: this similar specimen, which was hammered for 4.800 euros in 2015. It is true that Áureo & Calicó hammered another specimen in a similar quality for 2.800 euros in 2012, but the price of these coins has significantly increased since then. Also note that the two specimens cited as references present a different die variety, but this fact should not have an impact on the coin price. Hence, we can consider that 4.500 to 5.500 euros is a reasonable hammer price range for the coin in the auction.

Description from the seller

Carlos II (1665-1700). 8 reales. 1683/2. Segovia. BR. (Cal-409). Ag. Acueducto de tres arcos de dos pisos. Magnífico ejemplar. Muy rara en esta conservación. SC-. Est…6000,00.



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