• Denarius of Caligula and Germanicus. Silver roman coin with a portrait of the Emperor Caligula for one side and his father Germanicus in the other.

    Denarius of Caligula and Germanicus

    Por el 21 June, 2017

    Caligula is always ranked among the worst and cruelest of all Roman emperors. For this, he issued coins representing…

  • Aureus of Aurelian, Mediolanum

    Aureus of Aurelian, Mediolanum

    Por el 5 May, 2017

    In this aureus from Mediolanum (Milan), Aurelian appears wearing a cuirass and a laurel wreath. The reverse shows war…

  • Aureus of Pertinax

    Aureus of Pertinax

    Por el 23 April, 2017

    Pertinax was proclaimed Roman Emperor after the assassination of his predecessor, Commodus. However, the Praetorian Guard killed him 86…

  • Julius Caesar denarius by L. Flaminius Chilo

    Julius Caesar denarius by L. Flaminius Chilo

    Por el 2 April, 2017

    This denarius is considered the best portrait of Julius Cesar in a coin. A masterpiece by Flaminius Chilo.

  • Julia Domna Aureus

    Julia Domna Aureus

    Por el 20 March, 2017

    This aureus offers a portrait of Julia Domna, represented as a very intelligent and self-confident woman. There is a…

  • Mark Antony III Legion denarius

    Mark Antony III Legion denarius

    Por el 18 March, 2017

    During his war against Octavian, Mark Antony issued silver denarii in the name of his legions. This “Legion denarius”…

  • Antoninianus of Laelianus

    Por el 27 February, 2017

    Laelianus was a usurper against Postumus during the Crisis of the Third Century. He minted very few coins during…

  • Roman silver coin. Divus Titus sestertius representing the Colosseum

    Divus Titus sestertius representing the Colosseum

    Por el 13 February, 2017

    A sestertius minted to commemorate the inauguration of the Colosseum during the years 80-82 under the name of the…