• Tremissis of Tulga, Córdoba. Gold coin, two faces.

    Tremissis of Tulga, Córdoba

    Por el 18 June, 2017

    Visigothic coinage was mainly based on gold. Its principle denomination was the tremissis, which corresponds to a third of…

  • Trishekel from the Iberian Peninsula

    Trishekel, Iberian Peninsula

    Por el 2 June, 2017

    Trishekels were the biggest silver coins minted by Cartago in the Iberian Peninsula. They are extremely rare and thus…

  • 8 escudos madrid 1635

    8 escudos, Madrid 1635

    Por el 25 May, 2017

    Only 2 specimens of 8 escudo coins from Madrid 1635 are known to exist. Both of them are considered…

  • 8 reales Segovia 1683 (both sides)

    8 reales Segovia 1683

    Por el 14 May, 2017

    The 8 reales from Segovia, 1683 is the last time Spanish silver coin where the Portuguese coat of arms…

  • Florin from Perpignac, Peter IV of Aragon

    Florin from Perpignac, Peter IV of Aragon

    Por el 17 April, 2017

    Only two specimens of a florin of Pedro IV are known displaying a rock as an issue mark (Perpignac…

  • 50 Reales 1618, Segovia

    50 reales 1618, Segovia

    Por el 7 March, 2017

    50 reales coins are huge silver coins produced in Segovia mint. These coins, so-called “cincuentines”, represent the zenith…

  • 8 Escudos. 1730. MADRID. J.F.

    8 escudos Madrid 1730 JF

    Por el 6 February, 2017

    This coin is the only ounce minted in Madrid depicting JF assayers (Fernando Vázquez and Joseph Caballero). Only four…