Dinar of Ali ibn Yusuf, Valencia

Dinar of Ali ibn Yusuf, Valencia

Dinar of Ali Ben Yusuf, Valencia

Period: Middle Ages

Almoravid Kingdom

Ruler: Ali ibn Yusuf

Denomination: Dinar

Mint: Balansiya (Valencia)

Weight: 4 g

Quality: aUNC (SC-)

Auction house: Martí Hervera in colaboration with Solery y Llach

Date: 6 July 2017

Starting price: 1.500 euros

Historical context

Ali ibn Yusuf is well known in Portugal, as he is the Muslim king defeated by Afonso Henriques in the Battle of Ourique. After this battle Afonso Henriques proclaimed himself an independent king and the Kingdom of Portugal was born. Despite this defeat and his inability to conquer the city of Toledo, Ali ibn Yusuf is recognized as a good commander. He focused his military presence in Al-Andalus -where he conquered the city of Zaragoza-although he mainly lived in current Magreb.


Even if this is a gold coin that is beautifully preserved, it is not very expensive. The reason is twofold: these dinars are interesting for very specialized collectors and the coinage of Al-Andalus is full of very rare coins.

We can take other dinars of Ali Ben Yusuf from Valencia as price references even if their date is not the same: This specimen was hammered in 2007 for 2.000 CHF; another was hammered in 2011 for 1.400 CHF; and a third one was hammered in 2016 for 1.150 euros. Note that the three specimens are not as well preserved as the one now in the auction. Hence, I would consider that 1.800-2.500 euros is a reasonable hammer price interval.

Description from the seller

Dinar. 504H. ALÍ BEN YUSUF. BALANSIYA (Valencia). Anv.: Basmala completa en la IIM. 4 grs. AU. Muy bella. Todo el brillo original. MUY RARA ASÍ. Haz-224; V-1595. SC-.



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