Grosso from Brescia, Berardo Maggi

Grosso from Brescia, Berardo Maggi

Grosso from Brescia, Berardo Magg

Period: Middle Ages

Country: Brescia (Italy)

Ruler: Berardo Maggi

Denomination: Grosso

Mint: Brescia

Weight: 2,06 g

Quality: AU (qFDC)

Auction house: Nomisma

Date: 04 April 2017

Starting price: 15.000 euros

Historical context

At the beginning of the 12th Century, the city of Brescia became a free commune. As it was usual for the Italian communes, Brescia was on constant fight against its neighbours. However, it managed to be independent for almost three centuries. The Bishopric of Brescia was very important at that time.
One of the most relevant bishops of Brescia was Berardo Maggi (more in Italian). He was a Guelph who was named Duke and Count of Brescia at the end of the 13th Century.

During his mandate, Berardo Maggi minted a few silver coins. The one that is now in the auction includes a very religious motive related to the city of Brescia. The obverse represents Apollonio Vescovo, a Roman martyr who is considered the fourth bishop of the city of Brescia. A similar representation of Apollonio Vescovo appears in the tomb of Berardo Maggi, which is located at the Cathedral of Brescia. The reverse represents Faustinus and Jovita, two Roman martyrs who are the patron saints of Brescia.


We can find three hammer prices for this very rare coin: two specimens in lower grade that were auctioned for 6.000 euros in 2012 and 10.000 euros in 2009, and the same coin that is now in the auction, which was hammered for 15.000 euros in 2014. We can also take this other very rare grosso from Brescia as a reference, which was auctioned for 16.000 euros on 2016. Hence, I consider that the starting price of this coin is quite high.
In any case, even if I really love the design of this coin, I would think it twice before spending so much money in a coin that may not be so easy to sell. Gold coins or silver coins from other periods are much more demanded in the international market.

Description from the seller

BRESCIA Signoria di Berardo Maggi (?) (1298-1308) Grosso – MIR 116 AG (g 2,06) RRR Conservazione eccezionale
Grading/Status: qFDC



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