Julia Domna Aureus

Julia Domna Aureus

Julia Domna Aureus

Period: Roman Empire

Country: Rome

Ruler: Julia Domna

Denomination: Aureus

Mint: Rome

Weight: 7,20 g

Quality: AU (qSPL)

Auction house: Nomisma

Date: 4 April 2017

Starting price: 4.000 euros

Historical context

Julia Domna is currently recognized as one of the most important women in the history of Rome. She was the wife of the Emperor Septimus Severus and the mother of other two emperors: Caracalla and Geta. She was a very educated woman who played a crucial role in Rome as an Empress. As she loved philosophy, she protected the cultural development in the city.
This aureus offers a wonderful portrait of Julia Domna, represented as a very intelligent and self-confident woman. The obverse depicts a female motive: there is a representation of Juno standing left, holding patera and a scepter with a peacock at her feet looking up at her.

Here you can find a list of Julia Domna coins.


All the aureus are very demanded coins only affordable by high-level collectors. This specimen also has three characteristics that make it very valuable. First, it is a rare coin as only a few specimens are known to exist. Second, its quality is very high. Third, it represents a woman, which is a motive that attracts many collectors.
Despite its rarity, we can easily estimate the price of this coin because this same specimen has been sold on public auction twice in the last few years. It was hammered for 6.500 euros in 2012 and for 6.800 euros last October. We can, therefore, understand that 7.000 euros would be a reasonable hammer price for this specimen. However, anything may happen as another specimen in a similar condition was hammered for $25.000.

Description from the seller

Giulia Domna (moglie di Settimio Severo) Aureo – Busto a d. – R/ IVNO REGINA, Giunone stante a s. – RIC 560; Calicò 2618 AU (g 7,20) RR Minimi segnetti sulla guancia al D/

Grading/Status: qSPL



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