Julius Caesar denarius by L. Flaminius Chilo

Julius Caesar denarius by L. Flaminius Chilo

Julius Caesar denarius by L. Flaminius Chilo

Period: Roman Republic

Country: Rome

Ruler: Julius Caesar

Denomination: Denarius

Mint: Rome

Weight: 4.07 g

Auction house: Gemini

Date: 5 April 2017

Starting price: $32.000

Historical context

Julius Caesar is probably the best known Roman general and politician. He played a critical role in Roman history, as he was key for the rise of the Roman Empire. However, it is not so well known that his assassination left a power vacuum that was only solved after several wars by the concentration of the power in Augustus.
This coin was designed by Flaminius Chilo (who belonged to Flaminia family) few months after the assassination of Julius Caesar. The portrait is considered the best portrait of Julius Cesar in a coin. Here, Julius Caesar is idealized and looks like a divinity although it was struck in 43 BC, several months before Julius Cesar was officially deified. It is thought that this design was influenced by Octavian’s program of manipulating public images.
Regarding the reverse of the coin, there is a representation of a goddess that resembles the representation of Venus holding Victory and scepter. Nonetheless, the deity represented does not hold a Victory but a caduceus. For this reason, many authors consider that it may be a representation of Pax.

Here you can find more information about the historical context of this coin.


This denarius has everything that we can ask for an international coin: it is really beautiful and it witnessed a period that changed the universal history. Moreover, the specimen in the auction is very high quality (although not the highest) and has a very good pedigree, as it belonged to the Haeberlin Collection. Taking these aspects into account it is clear that the coin will be highly demanded. We can see hammer prices of other specimens in similar condition: 55.000 CHF, $55.000 and $50.000. Hence, it would be reasonable for this coin to be hammered between $50.000 and $60.000.

Description from the seller

Julius Caesar, struck by L. Flaminius Chilo.
Denarius, 4.07g (2h). Rome, 43 BC. Obv: Wreathed head of Caesar right, without legend. Rx: Venus or Pax standing left, head bowed, holding caduceus and scepter; to right L•FLAMINIVS downwards, to left IIIl•VIR upwards. Crawford 485/1. Sydenham 1089. Sear, Imperators 113. From the Haeberlin Collection, sold as part of Haeberlin’s Roman Imperial collection, in Cahn 75, 30 May 1932, lot 770. A note to lot 2901 in the main Haeberlin catalogue of 17 July 1933 specifically confirms the Haeberlin Collection provenance of our coin.



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