Louis XIII, Quatre Louis d’or by Jean Warin

Louis XIII, Quatre Louis d’or by Jean Warin

Louis XIII, Quatre Louis d’or by Jean Warin

Period: Baroque

Country: France

Ruler: Louis XIII

Denomination: Quatre Louis

Mint: Paris

Weight: 27,03 g

Auction house: Jean Vinchon Numismatique

Date: 30 May 2017

Starting price: 65.000 euros

Historical context

Louis XIII introduced a new monetary system in France that replaced the franc. The gold coins introduced were called Louis d’or. They explicitly copied the weight and the fineness of the de facto standard at that time: the Spanish doubloon or double escudo. The first issue of Louis d’or happened in 1640 and it contained five denominations: half Louis, one, two, four, and eight Louis. Additionally, they created pieces of eight, sixteen and twenty Louis as coins of large module that were given as presents for very important people. All these large module coins were pieces of art created by the general engraver of the Kingdom: Jean Varin.


It is extremely difficult to define a price range for this kind of coins as very few references are known. We can take into account the hammer price of this coin ($32.600 in 2007), this other (80.000 euros in 2016, but note that the coin is damaged) and this other coin (120.000 euros in 2016) as they are gold commemorative coins from the same period. The last one has the same weight as the coin in the auction, so we can understand that its reasonable price is higher than 100.000 euros.

Description from the seller

LOUIS XIII (1610 – 1643)
Pièce de plaisir de QUATRE LOUIS d’or de Jean Warin 1640. A = Paris.
Large tête laurée du roi à droite. Dessous, millésime entre deux points.
R/. Légende abrégée. Croix formée de huit L couronnés et cantonnée de quatre lis. Lettre d’atelier en cœur. Tranche cannelée.
♦ Fr 408 ; Dy 1296 ; Ci 1610 ; Dr 15 ; Gad 60
27,03 g
D’une extrême rareté (frappé à 7 exemplaires seulement).
Quelques coups sur la tranche. Très beau. Monnaie destinée à la Table de Jeux du Roi.



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