Mark Antony III Legion denarius

Mark Antony III Legion denarius

Mark Antony III Legion denarius

Period: Roman Republic

Country: Rome

Ruler: Mark Antony

Denomination: Denarius

Mint: Moving mint

Weight: 3.74 g.

Quality: About FDC

Auction house: Bertolami Fine Arts

Date: 22 March 2017

Starting price: 400 GBP (455,93 euros)

Historical context

The last civil war of the Roman Republic was a fight between Octavian and the lovers Mark Antony and the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Mark Antony issued many silver denarii in order to pay his legions, fleet, and spies. The silver of these denarii was probably obtained from Cleopatra’s treasure. Many of these denarii were given the name and the number of a legion, thus honoring that legion. Thus, now we have an interesting record of the 23 legions that composed Antony’s army. These denarii had lower silver content that the standard of their time; for this reason, they were not hoarded but used for circulation. Hence we currently find them in very worn condition or with bankers’ assay marks.

More information herehere and here.


The Legion denarii are not difficult to find and those of the III Legion are one of the commonest. However, they are rare in such a high grade as the one now in the auction. We can take as reference price this beautiful specimen ($1100). We can also take references of high-grade denarii in the name of other common legions such as this one (900 GBP) and this one ($2000). Then, 900-1200 GBP would be a reasonable hammer price interval.

Description from the seller

M. Antonius, Denarius, Mint moving with Antonius, 32-31 BC; AR (g 3,74; mm 16; h 6); Ship r., with sceptre tied fillet on prow; above, ANT AVG; below, III VIR R P C, Rv. eagle between two standards; below, LEG – III. Crawford 544/15; Antonia 107; Sydenham 1220. Lustrous, about fdc.



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