• 8 escudos 1714, Mexico

    8 escudos 1714, Mexico

    Por el 26 April, 2017

    8 escudos cob 1714 from Mexico. This coin is a marvelous specimen from the 1715 Fleet.

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  • Aureus of Pertinax

    Aureus of Pertinax

    Por el 23 April, 2017

    Pertinax was proclaimed Roman Emperor after the assassination of his predecessor, Commodus. However, the Praetorian Guard killed him 86 days later.

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  • 20 marks Georg II, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen

    20 marks 1889 Georg II, Saxe-Meiningen

    Por el 20 April, 2017

    The tiny Saxe-Meiningen duchy minted a few 20-mark gold coins between 1872 and 1914. The mintage was only a few thousand coins each year.

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  • Florin from Perpignac, Peter IV of Aragon

    Florin from Perpignac, Peter IV of Aragon

    Por el 17 April, 2017

    Only two specimens of a florin of Pedro IV are known displaying a rock as an issue mark (Perpignac mint) and this is the only one in private hands.

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  • 100 Franc Switzerland 1925

    100 Francs Switzerland 1925

    Por el 14 April, 2017

    These 100 francs coins include the famous Vreneli design. Only 5.000 were minted and 1.200 were later on destroyed by the National Bank of Switzerland.

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  • Masse d’or of Philip IV

    Masse d’or of Philip IV

    Por el 11 April, 2017

    The masse d’or was issued between 1296 and 1310. Its design influenced other gold coinage in France and other countries like Castilla.

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