• Kremnica ducat 1515, Gold Coin

    Kremnica ducat 1515

    Por el 5 March, 2017

    Kremnica mint produced gold coins known as the “Kremnica ducats” since 1335. These coins were very well known in Central Europe for centuries.

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  • Decadrachm from Syracuse

    Por el 2 March, 2017

    The decadrachms of Syracuse are one of the most beautiful coins ever minted. Historians consider that they were struck to commemorate a military victory.

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  • Antoninianus of Laelianus

    Por el 27 February, 2017

    Laelianus was a usurper against Postumus during the Crisis of the Third Century. He minted very few coins during his short revolt.

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  • Tetradrachm of Bagadates I

    Por el 24 February, 2017

    A tetradrachm by Bagadates I, the first king of Persis who issued coins. The tetradrachm follows the Greek standards but is full of local iconography.

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  • 20 Francs 1939

    20 Francs 1939

    Por el 21 February, 2017

    These coins are extremely rare in such a high grade. They are very interesting for those collectors specialized on French coins from the 20th Century.

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  • Roman silver coin. Divus Titus sestertius representing the Colosseum

    Divus Titus sestertius representing the Colosseum

    Por el 13 February, 2017

    A sestertius minted to commemorate the inauguration of the Colosseum during the years 80-82 under the name of the emperor Divus Titus.

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