Stater from Cyrene

Stater from Cyrene

stater of Cyrene

Period: Ancient Greece

Country: Greece

Denomination: Gold stater

Mint: Cyrene (Cyrenaica)

Weight: 8.58 g

Quality: VF+

Auction house: Künker

Date: 25 September 2017

Starting price: 6.000 euros

Historical context

Cyrene was a Greek city in current Libya. At the time when this coin was struck (just after Alexander’s death) Cyrene was controlled by Ptolomy I. However, it does not have the Egyptian flavor of many other coins of the Ptolemaic dynasty. Instead, it represents two very well known Greek deities that had a big importance in the city at that time: Nike in a Quadriga and Zeus. Statues of Nike have been found in the ruins of Cyrene, which shows how important this Goddess was for the city. Regarding Zeus, he was also related to Amun (or Ammon), the major Ancient Egiptian deity.

It is also worth to mention that other staters of Cyrene represented Nike standing in facing Quadriga.


Although it is not difficult to find some references,  not many specimens of this rare coin appeared in the market recently. In addition, the specimens that were sold are clearly better than the one in the auction (like this marvelous specimen, or this one hammered for $12.500) or, in most cases, not as good (specimens in VF are hammered for up to $5.000). Probably the best price reference is this specimen hammered in 2016 for $7.000.

Description from the seller

CYRENAICA. KYRENE. AV-Stater, 312/310 v. Chr., Magistrat Polyanthes; 8,58 g. Nike in Quadriga r.//Ammon steht l. mit Patera und Zepter, davor Thymiaterion. Naville 134. R Gutes sehr schön



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