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  • Stater from Cyrene

    Por el 11 September, 2017

    A gold stater from Cyrene which represents Nike and Zeus-Ammon, two of the most important deities in the city…

  • Drachm of Klazomenai

    Drachm of Klazomenai

    Por el 8 June, 2017

    This beautiful drachm of Klazomenai represents Apollo, the principal God of the city, and a swan, one of his…

  • Kroisos Heavy Stater

    Croesus Heavy Stater

    Por el 17 May, 2017

    The short period where these early-phase gold coins were minted and the fact that they were later on melted,…

  • Delphi Tridrachm

    Delphi tridrachm

    Por el 5 May, 2017

    The Delphi tridrachm is a very rare coin: only 14 specimens are known to exist and almost all of…

  • Decadrachm from Syracuse

    Por el 2 March, 2017

    The decadrachms of Syracuse are one of the most beautiful coins ever minted. Historians consider that they were struck…

  • Tetradrachm of Bagadates I

    Por el 24 February, 2017

    A tetradrachm by Bagadates I, the first king of Persis who issued coins. The tetradrachm follows the Greek standards…

  • Calabria, Taras. Gold Stater

    Gold starter from Taras

    Por el 29 January, 2017

    Taras was a Greek colony in current Apulia that minted gold staters during the Pyrrhic War against Rome.