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  • Becker restrike: Aureus of Hostilian

    Becker restrike: Aureus of Hostilian

    Por el 15 June, 2017

    Carl Wilhem Becker is the most famous ancient coin forger. He produced more than 300 different reproductions of classical…

  • Aureus of Aurelian, Mediolanum

    Aureus of Aurelian, Mediolanum

    Por el 5 May, 2017

    In this aureus from Mediolanum (Milan), Aurelian appears wearing a cuirass and a laurel wreath. The reverse shows war…

  • Aureus of Pertinax

    Aureus of Pertinax

    Por el 23 April, 2017

    Pertinax was proclaimed Roman Emperor after the assassination of his predecessor, Commodus. However, the Praetorian Guard killed him 86…

  • Julia Domna Aureus

    Julia Domna Aureus

    Por el 20 March, 2017

    This aureus offers a portrait of Julia Domna, represented as a very intelligent and self-confident woman. There is a…