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  • Dinar of Ali Ben Yusuf, Valencia

    Dinar of Ali ibn Yusuf, Valencia

    Por el 26 June, 2017

    Even if this is a gold dinar beautifully preserved, it is not very expensive. Al-Andalus coinage is full of…

  • Tremissis of Tulga, Córdoba. Gold coin, two faces.

    Tremissis of Tulga, Córdoba

    Por el 18 June, 2017

    Visigothic coinage was mainly based on gold. Its principle denomination was the tremissis, which corresponds to a third of…

  • Florin from Perpignac, Peter IV of Aragon

    Florin from Perpignac, Peter IV of Aragon

    Por el 17 April, 2017

    Only two specimens of a florin of Pedro IV are known displaying a rock as an issue mark (Perpignac…

  • Masse d’or of Philip IV

    Masse d’or of Philip IV

    Por el 11 April, 2017

    The masse d’or was issued between 1296 and 1310. Its design influenced other gold coinage in France and other…

  • Grosso from Brescia, Berardo Magg

    Grosso from Brescia, Berardo Maggi

    Por el 29 March, 2017

    The Bishop Berardo Maggi minted a few silver coins. The one that is now in the auction includes a…

  • Solidus of Irene, Syracuse

    Solidus of Irene, Syracuse

    Por el 26 March, 2017

    Two different solidus of Irene from Syracuse can be found: some present two portraits wearing loros and others one…